Hi, I am Humberto, a creative designer

  • I am from the beautiful island of São Miguel in the portuguese archipelago of the Azores, formed by 9 islands in North Atlantic.

I draw since I was 6 years old so following a creative´s career seemed to be a natural choice.

2008 I finished my Graphic Design design degree at Oporto University. Oporto is one the most beautiful cities of Portugal

Ventura Co

Ventura is a design agency in Portugal. Worked as a graphic designer between 2010 ad 2012.


Marketinghy is a multimillion dollar Marketing company located in the US. Creates some of the most impressive videos for online businesses. Worked there as an illustrator since 2013.



Haulix is a Media Promotion and Distribution Company, with a very efficient staff and method of work. Worked there in banner illustration in 2012.



Imotion is a communication agency specialized in video animation located in São Miguel, Azores. Founded by me, Pedro Ventura and Rui Faria in 2015.

Iron Group

Iron Group is one of Europe’s fastest growing digital companies. Its exeptionaly effective in creating B2B product. Engages workers all over Europe. Worked there since 2014 as a Web and Visual designer.


These are a few of the companies I collaborated with (click on the hotspot).

  • Design is not just a profession. It´s a way of life.

  • Passion is a designer´s fuel.


Please do get in touch!